GTC-X is a global code developed at IISc Bangalore. The GTC-X code features:

  1. GTC-X is a first principle particle-in-cell (PIC) code, which couples core and SOL region of the tokamak and can simulate the entire plasma volume.
  2. A global approach for both plasma and background magnetic geometry, which can be obtained from axisymmetric ideal MHD equilibria computed with EFIT and IPREQ code.
  3. GTC-X is focusing on two frequency regimes (i) low frequency mode (below ion cyclotron frequency) such as micro-turbulence, energetic particle modes, etc and (ii) high frequency modes (ion cyclotron frequency and beyond) like ion cyclotron wave (ICW), ion Bernstein wave (IBW), lower hybrid wave (LHW).
  4. Both gyrokinetic (5D for low frequency micro-turbulence) as well fully kinetic (6D for high frequency modes) particle integrator.
  5. Field aligned particle grid interpolation for axisymmetric mesh in cylindrical coordinates.
  6. GTC-X has both openMP and MPI parallelization with particle decomposition.
  7. Both gyrokinetic and fully kinetic finite element Poisson solver using PETSc library.
  8. Perturbative (delta-f) simulations model.

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