The Group

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WELCOME to the LOW-TEMPERATURE NANOELECTRONICS GROUP at The Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science.

We are involved in investigating structural, electrical and magnetic properties of various nanoscale systems, in a wide variety of materials. Our research interests extend from fundamental quantum mechanical effects on charge and spin states in nanosystems, to carbon-based electronics, critical behavior in smart materials, to new schemes of sensing with nano/micro-electromechanical sensors.

  We are currently working on

  • Strongly interacting semiconductor nanostructures; New quantum states in quantum dots, nanotubes and other nanostructures. atomically engineered doped silicon nanostructures.
  • Electronics with atomic or molecular layers of semiconductor: Carbon electronics with Graphene, electrical transport on metal dichalcogenides.
  • Growth mechanisms, structural and electronic properties of ultra-thin noble metallic nanowires, magnetic nanowires, nanoparticles and related systems.
  • Physics of smart systems; Critical behavior in nonequilibrium structural phase transitions, self-organized criticality.
  • Noise-based detection with nano/micro-electroMechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS).

Experimental Techniques

  • Ultra-low temperature methods and techniques (down to temperature of few milliKelvin).
  • Ultra-low electrical signal detection and techniques NOISE measurements for both fundamental physics and device characterization.
  • Patterning and fabrication of semiconductor-based nanostructures with optical and electron beam lithography.
  • Growth and device fabrication from high quality single crystalline nanowires and nanoparticles.


We collaborate with several groups in India and abroad, and also work closely with the Institute Nanoscience Initiative and the Center for NanoScience and NanoEngineering at the Indian Institute of Science.

Training Programs

The projects in this group involve extensive training and expertise in one or more of the following experimental techniques:

  • Patterning with Lithography
  • Nanostructure Fabrication using Electron-beam Writer
  • Detection of Ultra-low Electrical Signals
  • Electrical Measurements at MilliKelvin Temperature Range
  • Basic Digital Signal Processing


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