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Advanced Graduate School in Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics

Advanced Graduate School
Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Announcing a semester-long Advanced School in Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics, from  January 5, 2008 to April 2008, for research students in condensed-matter or statistical physics

Deadline has expired
Selected candidates list

Class schedules


  • Biological physics

  • Molecular simulations

  • Nanoscale physics

  • Quantum statistical field theory
  • Selected topics in phase transitions and dynamics

Application is available online,

or download form doc pdf.

In addition, your guide must send a letter of recommendation supporting your application by email to before the application deadline.

Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560 012 Fax: (080) 2360-0228/2360-2602
CCMT is funded by The Department of Science and Technology


  • B Bagchi
  • D Chowdhury (IITK)
  • C Dasgupta
  • P K Maiti
  • R Pandit
  • S Ramaswamy
  • M Rao (RRI/NCBS)
  • K L Sebastian
  • V Shenoy
  • A K Sood
  • M Thattai (NCBS)