Bioinformatics Centre
(Centre of Excellence in Structural Biology and Bio-Computing)

Interactive Graphics Based Molecular Modelling Facility
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560012
About us

What is Bioinformatics ?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research area, which may be described as conceptualizing biology in terms of molecules using tools of informatics and allied techniques, with an aim to understand and organize the information associated with these molecules to answer some of the larger questions in biology.  The bioinformatics spectrum ranges from collection & organization of biological databases to complex solutions including Gene-finding, Protein sequence analysis, Prediction of 3D structure, Structure-function analysis with some immediate applications such as Rational Drug design .


Main Objectives

Being located in a premier institution in the country, the centre plays a significant role in disseminating much of the information required for various aspects of research in life sciences locally and in the whole country.

Some of the main objectives of the Centre are :

  • To coordinate collection, retrieval, collation, distribution, delineation & deciphering of biological related information with particular emphasis to molecular biology.

  • To carry out original research work in the broad areas of sequence and structural bioinformatics.

  • To create and maintain specialized derived databases in molecular biology.

  • To develop bioinformatics software tools with an aim to provide wide access to the research community in the country.

  • To provide local access to various databases on biomolecules in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology and genetic engineering.

  • To make available the latest software to users in the new areas of sequence and structural bioinformatics.

  • To conduct training programs to make users aware of the available facilities and their applications.

  • To provide guidance to researchers in using the above databases and softwares.

  • To carry out developmental work in response to requests from users.