Genomics & Proteomics

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The Bioinformatics Centre has recently set up a manual FTP Server 
on a PC platform of the complete genome sequences from several 
organisms available in Entrez.
The URL address is : target 
Sequences can be downloaded from : 
Login: anonymous and password is your full e-mail id. 
A README  fileis included which explains the complete contents of 
the server and file location.

Software for the Examination, Exploration, and Broad Understanding 
of Genome Sequences.
SEEBUGS can be downloaded from
Map positions of human genes homologous to Drosophila
melanogaster genes.

Genomes OnLine Database (GOLD 1.0) : -
A monitor of complete and ongoing genome projects world-wide.

*1*Genome Databases and Genome Centers  :-
World Wide Links at EERIE-Nimes, France

*2*Genome Workstation :-
Genome Related Links at Roslin Institute, UK

*1*Genomic Maps :-
Links to Genome Specific Resources at Biotech-Indiana

*2*GeneQuiz :-
Automated genome sequence analysis and annotation

HuGeMap : -
Human Genome Map

Human X chromosome genes map

*2* REPuter :-
Fast computation of maximal repeats in complete genomes

*1*A method for comparing circular genomes from gene locations :
application to mitochondrial genomes.
The programs implementing these calculations require well-arranged
gene organization data, they have not been released yet.However, one
of the authors will analyze circular genomes upon request.  Data on the
gene organizations may be submitted electronically to

GeneCards :-
A novel functional genomics compendium with automated data mining
and query reformulation support

*2*ASSIRC (Accelerated Search for SImilarity Regions in Chromosomes) :-
A strategy for finding regions of similarity in complete genome sequences

*1*Mapplet :-
A CORBA-based genome map viewer.

PPCMatrix  :-
A PowerPC dotmatrix program to compare large genomic
sequences against protein sequences.