Hardware Resources

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Systems :


                    SGI - INDY              

                    Several PC's running
                        Linux, Windows '95, '98 & NT.

Systems available through Interactive Graphics Facility :

                    SGI - VGX               

                    PDB FTP Server      

                    Genome FTP Server 

Internet Access :

A dedicated satellite based internet connection (VSAT), provided by the
Department of Biotechnology, has been set up at the centre.  The maximum
speed of this connection at present is 64 KBPS and serves to provide a fast
connection to the internet users.  Apart from the VSAT link, we also have the
Fibre optic link of the IISc. campus which is a part of ERNET.

Peripherals :

                    Image Recorder
                    Stereo Viewer
                    CD Writer
                    Callcomp Colour Printer
                    Several Laser Printers