Bioinformatics Centre
(Centre of Excellence in Structural Biology and Bio-Computing)

Interactive Graphics Based Molecular Modelling Facility
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560012
Interactive Graphics

Funded by the Department of Biotechnology
Government of India

Scope & Objectives

     The Interactive graphics facility was established in 1990-'91 to facilitate structure determination and analysis of biological macromolecules. Since its inception, the facility provides the requirements of scientists working in various interdisciplinary areas of modern biology, such as macromolecular crystallography, structural bioinformatics, structure and dynamics of biomolecules, intermolecular interactions and protein engineering. The facility was the first of its kind to be established by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Government of India and was expected to provide a focal point for advanced studies in computer graphics based molecular modelling in our country. It has set the pace for the establishment of several more such facilities by the DBT in different parts of India.

   The facility aims to provide an interface between biological computational modeling techniques and experimental results. The facility caters to the requirement of scientists concerned with diverse but inter-related areas such as structure and dynamics of biomolecules, inter-molecular interactions, protein engineering and rational drug design. Through its usage and taking advantage of the considerable expertise available at the Institute, it should be also possible to impart high level training to researchers involved in biomolecular modeling and related activities.


     At present, the Interactive Graphics facility has one VGX super graphics workstation along with other necessary peripherals namely, stereo viewer,  image recorder, colour and black & white laser printer. All the necessary state-of-the-art graphics packages are available in the above said machine. They are FRODO, "O", RIBBONS, AMBER, CHARMM, QUANTA, INSIGHT (Discover, Homology), MOLSCRIPT, BOBSCRIPT and RASMOL. In addition, the facility has several programs for sequence analysis and multiple sequence alignment.