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Bibliographic References (Plant Genome Subset) at USDA-NAL

*2*Annual Reviews :-
Bibliographic Searches at LMMB-National Cancer Institute

Molbio Journal Searches at Genethon, France and
Biology Journal Contents at CERN, Switzerland

*2*BIBSYS :-
Interuniversitary Bibliographic System in Norway

*3*BIOBIB :-
Biocomputing Bibliography at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy and
CompAlgo at CERN, Switzerland

*1*BioCatalog :-
Catalog of Molecular Biology Programs at EBI,
Bio-catalogue at Genethon, France and
BIOCAT at CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands

*2*Bioline :-
Bio-Publications at Base de Dados Tropical, Brazil

*2*Bionet Journal Articles and Bionet News

*2*BIOSCI Archives
at EMBnet-UK  and
BIOSCI at CERN, Switzerland

*2*BioSpace  :-
Find People, Companies and Resources in Biotech Industry

*1*Biotechnology Abstracts DataBase at Stack-Serpukhov, Russia

*2*Biotechnology Bibliographies at BIC

*2*GIBCO BRL/Tech-OnLine  :-
Library of Technical Information at Life Technologies

Search Biological, Agricultural and Medical Resources at U. California-Riverside

*1*Amos' WWW links page:-
Amos Bairoch's List Documents Describing Molecular Biology Oriented Services, Software, Email Servers, FTP Sites, etc. at ExPASy, Switzerland

*1*LITDB :-
PRF Protein/Peptide Literature Database at GenomeNet, Japan

*1*PUBMED :-
Bibliographic References (Subset in Molecular Genetics) of the National Library
of Medicine and ENTREZ-MEDLINE Subset at NCBI and
MEDLINE  at EMBL-Heidelberg

*3*Meetings/Symposia/Workshops in Biotechnology :-
at BIC-U. Maryland/College Park

*1*Seqanalref :-
Sequence Analysis Bibliographic Reference Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland
and Seqanalref  at Harvard

*3*Springer Verlag Journals :-
Tables of Contents of Different Titles

*1*WWW VL Biosciences Index :-
 Search Keith Robison's Catalogs at Harvard