Molecular Visualization

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MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display, especially 
for NMR data by Reto Koradi, ETH, Zurich

High quality ribbon diagram representation of proteins 
created by Per Kraulis at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Viewer for PDB structures, with several built-in representations
developed by Roger Sayle at the University of Edinburg

VMD :-
VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) runs on many Unix platforms
as well as Windows 95/98/NT. VMD is distributed free of charge. 

Sequence alignment and analysis package

Model building and analysis in X ray crystallography.

O :-
O is a general purpose macromolecular modeling program aimed at
the field of protein crystallography. It enables the scientist to model,
build and display macromolecules.   O is a graphical display program
built on top of a versatile database system. O brings into use several
tools, which facilitate the building of models into electron density,
allowing this to be done faster and more correctly. Notably, the
autobuild options greatly enhance the speed of building and
rebuilding molecular models.

Display/ printing of electron density maps.

General  purpose graphics package with hi-fi visualization effects.

A program for molecular illustration and error analysis

Raster3D is a set of tools for generating high quality raster images 
of proteins or other molecules. 

WebLab combines the ease of commercial quality desktop 
computing, the power of validated computational chemistry
methods, and the communications infrastructure offered by
the World Wide Web.  WebLab applications are operated using
Web browsers, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet
Explorer, on desktop computers. Calculations are performed on 
remote servers connected to the user using a secure intranet
or the Internet.

Display/ printing of electron density maps.

MSI :-
Molecular modeling, analysis and simulation for life and 
material sciences.
-Cn3D :-
PDB visualization tool
See in 3-D from the NCBI, USA

-GRASP  :-
Display and manipulation of molecular surfaces, coloured to represent
electrostatic and other properties by Anthony Nicholls, Columbia
University, USA

Protein REPresentations Interactively from Suhail Islam,
Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London

*3*RSVP  :-
Rapid Sequence Visualization in Postscript for Analysis of
DNA Sequences at CBIL  - U. Pennsylvania

*2*Swiss-Model  :-
Automated Protein Modelling at ExPASy, Switzerland
Manuel Peitsch, Geneva Biomedical Research Institute,

*3*Protein Colourer :-
The Alignment Color Viewer to Color 2 Aligned Amino
Acid Sequences by Hydrophobicity at EBI, UK