Other Databases

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ReBase :-
(6/98)   - as part of GCG package
Restriction Enzyme Database 
See also:
ReBase at New England Biolabs

*2* TREMBL :-
Database of Translated Peptide Sequences of All CDS Features from 
EMBL Sequences at EMBL-Heidelberg

*2*BMCD :-
Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database at CARB

Carbohydrate Database

-CASP2 :-
Second meeting on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein
Structure Prediction follow this link for the best prediction methods

*1*CpGIsle :-
CpG Islands Database at BEN, Belgium

Codon Usage Tables

*2*DataResearch-Demo, -Authority and -LCMARC  :-
Databases at Data Research Associates

*3* ECDC :-
E. coli Database Collection at EMBNet Austria

*1* ENZYME :-
The Enzyme Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland

*3*EPD :-
Eucaryotic Promoter Database at EMBNet Austria,
and EPD at GenomeNet, Japan

*3*FGSC :-
Fungal Genetics Stock Center Online Catalogue.

*2*FisherBiotech :-
Reagents Catalog with Safety Information at Fisher Scientific

Genetic and Molecular Database for Drosophila at Harvard U.

*2*Kabat  :-
Database of Proteins of Immunological Interest at Johns Hopkins

*3*Klotho  :-
Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database at Washington U.

HIV  :-
HIV Molecular Immunology Database at Los Alamos

*1*LIGAND  :-
Ligand Chemical Database for Enzyme Reactions at GenomeNet, Japan

*3* LiMB  :-
Listing of Molecular Biology Databases at at EMBL-Heidelberg

*2*Metabolic Database :-
Metabolic Reactions and Pathways at CGSC-Yale U.

*3*MHCPEP :-
Database of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding
Peptides at WEHI-Melbourne, Australia

*1*Mjollnir  :-
Access Chemical Databases at Daylight Chemical Information Systems
with Search from ISU

*2*NYC-MASS :-
Protein Mass Spectrometry Database at Rockefeller U.

Protein Disease Database

*3*PMD :-
Protein Mutant Database at GenomeNet, Japan

*3*Protein Motions :-
DataBase of Protein Movements at Stanford U.

*3*PUU :-
Protein Domains Database Based on PDB-Select
at EMBL-HeidelbergFTP

*3*RDP :-
Ribosomal Database Project

*3*rRNA :-
Databases of Ribosomal Subunit RNA Sequences
at U. Antwerp, Belgium

*2*SBASE :-
Library of Protein Domains and SBASE-Search
at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy

Transparent Access to Multiple Bioinformatics Information Sources
*2*TBASE :-
Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database at Johns Hopkins

*3*TMBASE :-
Transmembrane Protein Database at U. Lausanne, Switzerland FTP

*2*VecBase :-
Cloning Vector Sequence Database