Other Useful Software Links

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*1*ArchiePlexForm :-
Search Files Available by Anonymous FTP at LeRC-NASA

*2*NBIF Biotechnology Company Register  :-
A compilation of firms engaged in biotechnology-related businesses

*2*BRASS :-
Bioinformatics Resource for Algorithms, Software and Sequences at
U. Manchester, UK

*3*DIBUG :-
Discover Insight Biosym User Group Mailing List

*3*L.Allison Biblio :-
Collected References in Algorithms, Computing for Molecular Biology, WWW Sites, etc. at Monash University, Australia

*2*EMBL-Software  :-
Listing of Software Available from EMBL

*1*List of On-Line Experts :-
Contacts of Experts on Different Proteins/Enzymes at ExPASy, Switzerland

*1*Patents :-
STO's Internet Patent Search System at Metalab/UNC-Chapel Hill

Search Biotechnology Links at Biotech-Indiana

*2*Swiss-2DPage :-
Two-dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Database at ExPASy, Switzerland

*2*Taxaform  :-
Ride the Web Lift to Taxonomy at UC-M. of Paleontology

*3*TFD :-
Transcription Factor Database at GenomeNet

*3*WebLogo :-
An interactive, multi-part script for sequence logo generation
at Cambridge U., UK