Bioinformatics Centre
(Centre of Excellence in Structural Biology and Bio-Computing)

Interactive Graphics Based Molecular Modelling Facility
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560012


The Centre carries out frontline research & development in the broad areas of bioinformatics, structural biology and structural pharmacology. Some of the projects in progress include,

  • Structural analysis of a thermostable xylanase

  • Peptide structure analysis

  • Structural studies on lectins

  • Structural analysis of drug binding to dopamine receptors

  • Protein side chain conformation analysis

  • Structural studies on Phospholipase A2 mutants


  • Peptide Database

  • Lectin Database

  • Lipase Database

  • Lysozyme Database

  • Salt Bridge or Ion Pair detection package

  • Hydrogen Bond identification program

Protein Sequence Search Tool  (PSST- 1.0)

A web-based search tool, PSST has been developed to retrieve the user input query from the single letter amino acid code input file "pdb_seqres.txt", obtained from the Protein Data Bank.  The search tool consists of the following four modules:

    Depending upon the search category, the search tool will search the protein sequence database (updated every week from the Protein Data Bank , USA) resided in our Bioinformatics Server and will display the related search results to the client browser.  Further, developmental work on this search tool is in progress.

The URL address is :

Genome ftp server

     The area of genomics has taken off in full swing in the years and several genome sequences are now available in the entirety.  We have therefore, recently setup a manual FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server on a PC platform in the bioinformatics centre of the complete genome sequences from several organisms available in Entrez.

The URL address is :

Sequences can be downloaded from

Login: anonymous and password is your full e-mail id.

A README  fileis included which explains the complete contents of the server and file location.

PDB ftp server

     Several research groups in the institute and elsewhere in the region have projects involving database analysis.  We have therefore initiated an effort to create a manual FTP server in our centre.  The complete atomic coordinates of the three dimensional protein structures deposited in the Protein Data Bank will be made available through this server.

The URL address is :

Entries can be downloaded from

Login: anonymous and password is your full e-mail id.

A complete list of all PDB entries is available at