Sequence Database

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GenBank Database :- 
Release 107.0 (6/98) as part of GCG package
See also:
GenBank-Fetch at Washington U.

EMBL Abridged :-
Nucleotide Sequence Database 
Release 55.0 (6/98) as part of GCG package
See also:

PIR - Protein :-
Protein Identification Resource Database 
Release 56.0 (3/98) as part of GCG package
See also:

Swissprot :-
Protein Sequence Database
Release 36.0 (11/98) as part of GCG package
See also:  at ExPASy, Switzerland

SP - TrEMBL :-
is a supplement of SWISS-PROT that contains all the translations 
of EMBL nucleotide sequence entries not yet integrated 
Release 6.0 (6/98) - as part of GCG package
See also:

Protein Sites and Patterns Database
Release 14.0 (11/97) - as part of GCG package
See also: at ExPASy, Switzerland,
PrositeScan at ISREC, Switzerland and

(6/98)  - as part of GCG package
Restriction Enzyme Database 
See also: 
and ReBase-Search at New England Biolabs,
ReBase at EMBL-Heidelberg 

*2*BLOCKS :-
Database of Highly Conserved Regions in Proteins  and
BLOCKSat EMBL-Heidelberg

Fast Search at EBI

*2*dbEST :-
Database of Expressed Sequence Tags
at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, NCBI USA

DNA Sequences and derived protein sequences

Integrated search system for sequence, structure and Medline databases
at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA

*1*GDB :-
Human Genome Data Base at Johns Hopkins

Genome Sequence Database is a database of publicly available
nucleotide sequences and their associated annotation.

The Human Transcript Database :-
A catalogue of full length cDNA inserts

HIV :-
HIV Sequence database at Los Alamos.

An integrated computer environment for sequence annotation and analysis

*1*OWL :-
Non-Redundant Protein Sequence Database at
University of Leeds and
OWL at UCL-London, UK

Prostate Expression Database.  Curated EST and cDNA sequences
from human prostrate cDNA libraries.

RDP :-
The ribosomal Database Project
Ribosomal RNA sequences, alignments & annotations.

Small RNA Database :-
at Baylor College of Medicine

Swissknife :-
'lazy parsing' of SWISS-PROT entries
The swissknife modules are available at

TIGR Databases:-
Collection of curated databases containing DNA and protein sequence,
gene expression, cellular role, protein family, and taxonomic data for
microbes, plants and humans at The Institute of Genomic Research

TargetDB  :-
A database of peptides targeting proteins to cellular locations.