Sequence Submission

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Sequin is the latest multi-platform (Mac/PC/Unix) stand-alone software
tool developed by the NCBI for submitting entries to the EMBL, GenBank,
or DDBJ sequence databases. Sequin is an interactive, graphically
oriented program based on screen forms and controlled vocabularies that
guides you through the process of entering your sequence and providing
biological and bibliographic annotation. Sequin is designed to simplify the
sequence submission process and to provide graphical viewing and
editing options. This program is optimal for submitting multiple
sequences, mutation studies, phylogenetic sets, population sets, and
segmented sets. It incorporates robust error checking and accommodates
very long sequences and complex annotations.

BankIt :-
Is convenient for quick submission of sequence data. BankIt allows you to
enter sequence information into a form, edit as necessary, and add
biological annotation (e.g., coding regions, mRNA features).
BankIt transforms your data into GenBank format for your review and
when your record is completed, it can be submitted directly to GenBank.
You have the option of adding information by using text boxes to describe
in your own words the source of the  sequence and its biological features.
The GenBank annotation staff reviews the submitted textual information,
incorporates it into the appropriate structured fields, and returns the
record by e-mail to you.

Webin :-
Webin is EBI's preferred submission medium. Webin guides the user
through a sequence of WWW forms allowing interactive submission
of sequence data and descriptive information to the EMBL database.
All the information required to create a database entry will be collected
during this process:
1.Submitter Information
2.Release Date Information
3.Sequence Data, Description and Source Information
4.Reference Citation Information
Feature Information (e.g. coding regions, regulatory signals etc.)
Submitters are able to modify and view their data prior to submission
in the format in which it will be finally  published in the EMBL database.
Using Webin is the quickest way to get your accession numbers assigned.