Structure Databases

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PDB :-
Coordinates of all PDB entries can be downloaded from
( login: anonymous, password: your e-mail id)
Coordinates of protein, DNA and carbohydrate molecules
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CSD  (Cambridge Crystallographic Database) :-
Coordinates for small molecules & organometallic crystal structures 
useful in drug/ligand design
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PDB data classified into domains, with and without sequence homology

*2*BioMagResBank :-
A Database of NMR-Derived Protein Structures at BIMAS-NIH and
BioMagResBank at U. of Wisconsin, Madison

*2*CATH  :-
Class, Architecture, Topology, Homology of proteins at UCL-London, UK
Structural and sequence relationships among PDB entries have been collected at different  levels of similarity

*2*DSSP  :-
A Kabsch-Sander Definition of Secondary Structure of Proteins from PDB (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg

*3*FSSP :-
Database of Families of Structurally Similar Proteins derived from PDB at EMBL-Heidelberg
 Fold Classification based on Structurally Similar Proteins
Sequence and Structural neighbours are assigned to each PDB

*3*HSSP  :-
Database of Homology-Derived Structures of Proteins based on
PDB and SwissProt at EMBL-Heidelberg

HIC-Up :-
Curation of small molecule (hetero-compound structure)

-MMDB :-
Molecular Modeling Database
3-D structural information accessible from Entrez. Structural neighbors
for each PDB entry have also been determined.

A database of evaluated and annotated comparative protein
structure models

*2*NDB :-
Nucleic Acid Database at Rutgers U.

*1*NRL_3D :-
Sequence/Structure Database derived from PDB at Johns Hopkins and
NRL_3D at EMBL-Heidelberg
A sequence-structure database containing searchable structural
information in a PIR-like format. Also includes a Java viewer
for PDB structures

*1*ProDom :-
A Protein Domain Database and
ProDom-Search at INRA-Toulouse, France,
ProDom at EMBL-Heidelberg

-SCOP  :-
Structural Classification Of Proteins.  PDB data classified into
superfamilies and families of folds at Cambridge, UK

Sequence-conformation-structure database for amino acid
residues in proteins

*2*SWEET :-
WWW-based rapid 3D construction of oligo- and polysaccharides