Structure Submission

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ADIT  :-
AUTODEP INPUT TOOL, version 1.1  is a new tool developed by the RCSB
for submitting X-ray and NMR structures to the PDB.  ADIT,  is used for
data deposition, data processing, and data validation in the PDB. To
deposit a structure, the user uploads the relevant coordinate and
experimental data files and then adds any additional information. A
session ID number is provided for depositions that occur over several
ADIT is now available as an alternative to the AutoDep deposition system.
ADIT also allows the user to check the format of coordinate and structure
factor files and to perform a variety of validation tests on a structure prior
to deposition in the database. These checks can be done without intervention
by the database staff.
Crystal structures of nucleic acids will be forwarded to the Nucleic Acid Database
A text-based deposition form is available for X-ray and NMR depositions.