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Established in 1982, the Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP) is a programme for training astrophysics graduate students, run in collaboration with

Earlier more institutes we part of this programme. The Physics Department of IISc is the host of this programme.  All students in the programme remain registered with IISc.

Every year a few students are selected for this programme by a committee with members from different collaborating institutes.  The selected students undergo course work for one year taught by faculty members from collaborating institutes.  After the successful completion of course work, a student has the freedom to join a research supervisor in any of the collaborating institutes.

The broad guidelines of running this programme are decided by a Policy Committee constituted by the Directors of the collaborating institutes. The regular activities of this programme are monitored by a Programme Coordination Committee (PCC), chaired by the Chairman of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Division IISc and having one representative from each institute. 

A look at the thesis titles of past JAP students  will show that students in this Programme have worked virtually in all important areas of modern theoretical and observational astrophysics.  The courses offered by JAP provide an all-round training in modern astrophysics and are taken also by many students who join the collaborating institutes directly.  The contribution of this programme to Indian astrophysics has been immense, by any standard of judgement. 

For information on how to apply for JAP, click here. Students wishing to apply for this Programme should indicate Astronomy and Astrophysics as one of their department preferences when filling up the application form for Research Programmes.


The Himalayan Chandra Telescope of IIA

The multi-wavelength astronomy satellite to be launched by ISRO

The Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) of TIFR