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Name : Sujit Kumar Nath
Research Interests : Magneto hydrodynamics in accretion disks
Email : sujitkumar
Home Page :  

Name : Arpita Roy
Research Interests : Supernova Explosions, Shock waves, Astrophysical fluids and Gas dynamics, Galactic dynamics
Email : arpita
Home Page :  

Name : Abir Sarkar
Research Interests : Gravitation and Cosmology
Email : abir
Home Page :  

Name : Deovrat
Research Interests : Computational astrophysics, Galaxy Clusters, AGN Jets, Astrophysical Black holes
Email : deovrat
Home Page : here

Name : Kartick Chandra Sarkar
Research Interests : High Energy Astrophysics,Compact objects(Black holes, Pulsars), Large Scale Dynamics, Interstellar medium, Dark matter
Email : kartick
Home Page : here

Name : Gopal Hazra
Research Interests : Magnetohydrodynamics, Solar Physics
Email : ghazra
Home Page : here

Name : Krishna Mohana
Research Interests : Instrumental astronomy/observations
Email : mohana
Home Page :

Name : Soumavo Ghosh
Research Interests : Galactic Dynamics
Email : soumavo
Home Page :

Name : Sreehari H
Research Interests : Radio Astronomy
Email : sreehari
Home Page :

Name : Prakriti Pal Choudhury
Research Interests : Accretion Disk Dynamics, Numerical Computation
Email : prakriti
Home Page :

Name : Prasun Dhang
Research Interests : Gamma ray Bursts, Accretion Disk Nucleosynthesis, Super-Massive Blackholes
Email : prasun
Home Page :