Dr. Suja Elizabeth

Chief Research Scientist

Areas of Interest:

Crystal growth and characterization; phase transitions; multiferroics; magnetic materials; oxides; CMR manganites; spintronics; non-linear optical phenomena.


Prof. H.L.Bhat

Emeritus Professor

Areas of Interest:

Crystal Growth & Characterization.

Ph.D. Students

Tirthankar Chakraborty

Research Scholar (2012 to 2017)

Research Associate (2017 to 2018)

Areas of Interest:

Single crystal growth and characterization, Magnetism and elecrtical (dielectric, ferroelectric and transport) properties of certain perovskite materials, multufunctional materials and multiferroics.

M.Sc.: IIT Bombay (2012)
Google scholar profile

Tanushree Sarkar

Research scholar (jointly with Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar) (Since August, 2013)

Areas of Interest:

Thin film, Magnetism and Multiferroic Materials.

M.Sc.: University of Calcutta

Amrit Raj

Research scholar (jointly with Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar) (Since August, 2014)

Areas of Interest:

I am interested in novel properties of oxides such as two-dimensional electron gas and topologically protected states. I grow single crystals and thin films in order to study the system.

M.Sc.: BITS-Pilani, Pilani

Bhawana Mali

Research Scholar (Since July, 2015)

Areas of Interest:

a) Ferrimagnetism in complex oxides – Understanding the effect of A and B site doping on structural, electrical and magnetic properties of single crystal and polycrystalline RFeO3 compounds.
b) 1-D spin chain compound – Observation of multiferroicity in R2BaMO5 compounds having Nd2BaNiO5 crystal structural type.

M.Sc.: University college of Science, MLSU, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Dhanpal Bairwa

Research Scholar (Since August, 2016)

Areas of Interest:

Nonlinear optical and ferroelectric properties of crystals.

M.Sc.: Govt R R college Alwar, Rajasthan

Priyanka Garg

Research Scholar (Since August, 2017)

Areas of Interest:

Study of structural, electrical and magnetic properties of iridates.

M.Sc.: Panjab University, Chandigarh

Krishna Jha

Research Scholar (jointly with Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar) (Since August, 2018)

Areas of Interest:

Spintronics Calorimetry.

M.Sc.: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Integrated PhD)