e a r l i e r   s t u d e n t s

  1. Madan Rao
    Thesis title: Hysteresis in Model Spin Systems
  2. Mangal C Mahato
    Thesis title: Applications of Density-Wave Theory
  3. Arghya Taraphder
    Thesis title: Theoretical studies of some models of high-Tc oxide superconductors:
    • An Anderson Impurity Model for core-level photo emission spectroscopy in cuprates;
    • A negative-U, Extended Hubbard Model for Barium Bismuthates;
  4. K. Sheshadri
    Thesis title: Models with Quantum Phase Transitions
    • Pure and disordered Bosonic Hubbard Model
    • Density-Functional Theory of Solid Helium
    • A multiband Hubbard Model for Lanthanum Nickelate
  5. Gautam I. Menon
    Thesis title: Topics in the Statistical Mechanics of Extended Objects
  6. Sujan K. Dhar
    Thesis title: Scaling and University in Driven Systems
  7. Anirban Sain
    Thesis title: Multiscaling in Three-Dimensional Fluid Turbulence
  8. Abhik Basu
    Thesis title: Statistical Properties of Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
  9. Ashwin Pande
    Thesis title: Spatiotemporarly Chaotic States of Some Nonequilibrium Systems
  10. Apratim Chatterji
    Thesis title: Monte Carlo Studies of Models for Semiflexible Equilibrium Polymers
  11. Dhrubaditya Mitra
    Thesis title: Studies of Static and Dynamic Multiscaling in Turbulence
  12. Chirag D. Kalelkar
    Thesis title: Statistical Studies of Decaying Turbulence
  13. P. K. Madhavan Unni
    Thesis title: Light scattering investigations near the critical point in some solvophobic systems and the design and analysis of a microkelvin thermostat for critical phenomena
  14. T K Shajahan
    Thesis title: Studies of Spiral Turbulence and its Control in Models of Cardiac Tissue
  15. Prasad Perlekar
    Thesis title: Numerical Studies of Turbulence:
    1. Homogeneous, Isotropic Turbulence with Polymer Additives
    2. Turbulence in Thin Films.

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Muktish Acharyya
Abhik Basu
Ramesh V. Pai

Sitabhra Sinha