Thermoelectric Materials and Device Laboratory


Research Students:


Sayan Das

M.Sc (Phys)Visva Bharati University

Oxychalcogenides as thermoelectric Materials.

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Sahil Tippireddy

M.Sc (Phys) Thapar University

Thermoelectric Properties of synthetic Tetrahedrites.

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Shriparna Mukherjee (Joint student with Prof. K Chattopadhyay)

M.Sc (Appl Phys) ISM, Dhanbad

Structural and Thermoelectric properties of Copper Chalcogenides

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Sanyukta Ghosh

M.Sc (Phys)IIT kanpur

Thermoelectric and mechanical properties of Skutterudites.

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Monoj Kumar Singha (Joint Student with Dr. Partha P. Mondal)

M.Tech  (Mechatronics & Robotics)IIEST Shibpur

Thermoelectric gas sensor

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Dipanjan Kumar(Joint Student with Prof. K. Chattopadhyay) (Metallurgy and Materials Engineering) IIT Kharagpur

Contact materials for Thermoelectric Devices.

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Dilip Kumar Meena

M.Sc (Physics) IIT Ropar

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Umasankar Rout

M.Sc (Physics) Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha

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Dr. Anbalagan Ramakrishnan

Thesis title: Thermoelectric properties of Bi,Fe and Te substituted CoSb3 Skutterudite materials

Present status: Post-doc fellow in Taiwan

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Dr. Ashoka Bali

Thesis title: Study of thermoelectric properties of PbTe based alloys and two-phase compounds

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Dr. Raju Chetty

Thesis title: Thermoelectric properties of Cu based chalcogenide compounds.

Present status: Post-doc fellow at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), Japan.

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S Nilanchal Patra, M.Sc (Berhampur University)

GaSb and InSb Nano inclusion with filled Skutterudite (RxCo4Sb12) material for Thermoelectric Generator (DST project)

Present Status: Joined Atomic Minerals Directorate, Jamshedpur.


Sunny Gupta

Electronic and thermoelectric Materials and Devices.

Present status: Joined as a Ph.D student at Rice University, USA.




Prem Kumar D S

Present status: PhD student at SRM university, Chennai




Ishan Vardhan Mahajan

Present status: .Joined as a PhD student at

University of Canterbury, Christchurch

New Zealand



B.Tech (Nanotech) SRM University

Thermoelectric properties of Skutterudites

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Krushna Kumari Raut

Present status: Joined as a Ph.D student, Department of Physics, NIT Rourkela.

Kurpa S.

Present status: Joined as a Ph.D student, Department of Applied Physics and Instrumentation,IISc,Bangalore


Dr. Guganeswaran Subramaniam

Present status: completed his Ph.D from CEDT,IISc,Bangalore

Summer project Students




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