Thermoelectric Materials and Device Laboratory



Lab facilities

    Material Synthesis :
  • Planetary Ball Mill
  • DC Magnetron Sputtering unit
  • Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater (1.5 MHz) with IR detector and chiller.
  • Vacuum sealing setup for sealing ampoules (upto 10-5 torr)
  • High temperature furnace ~ 1200 °C
  • Programmable Muffle furnace  ~ 1050 ° C
  • Verticle furnace ~ 1000 °C
  • Low Speed Diamond Saw for Material Cutting.
  • Metallographic Polishing Machine and Ultrasonic Cleaner.
    Characterization facilities:
  • LSR-3 (LINSEIS, GERMANY) - A simultaneous Seebeck and electrical resistivity measurement (RT-1273 K)
  • Automated system with Seebeck Measurement system for thin films (in the process of development)
  • Hall Measurement set up
  • Set for the thermoelectric device testing (in the process of development)
  • Temperature controller, Digital Multi Meter (DMM) and accessories for Data acquisition.
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