Timing: Morning 5:30am- Night 9pm

Location: Inside Gymkhana Building

Convener: Sandip Mondal (Mob: 9535145707, Email: sandipismondal@gmail.com)



Most of the people of IISc are doing research for days without doing any physical exercises which is quite unhealthy.  This way, body gradually accumulates fat which affects the physical appearance of the person. Suddenly some day, when they get surprised looking at their own image in the mirror, they decide to start using the gym facility at Gymkhana. But unfortunately this day comes after five years of joining of PhD at the Institute. By that time their body gives up everything. But still they try to come to gym to get back something of their previous body with the hope that at the end of their PhD they would get some good looking girl to marry. Many try to work out hard for a day or two and decide that s the end of the gym for them. They get their degree and leave IISc for a job or a postdoc with the dream girl still in the dream.


Fun apart, the problem with almost all of us is that we really love food but not the exercise, and those who try to stop eating enough to reduce fat likely damage their metabolism forever. With a bad life style like ours, Gym definitely helps to stay in proper shape. IISc Gym is one of the most wonderful facilities on the campus where you can really tune your body. It is not meant to be just for the body builders but also for those who just wish to be fit.


Here is another fact. Ninety percent of the professors of the institute are suffering from high blood pressure and very high sugar level. They are almost incapable to run even hundred meters. If you don t do the regular exercises, you may become a part of that 90% in future. My heartily request to fresher s, please make full use of the Gymkhana facility available to you. Not only will it keep you fresh but it will also make you capable of doing good research.

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