PH320: Condensed Matter Physics II

Instructor: Subroto Mukerjee (email:

Graders: Jayanth Vyasanakere (email: and Pranabjyoti Bhuyan (email:

Lectures: Wed. and Fri., 11:15-12:45 in Lecture Hall 2 of the Physics Department

Problem sets: Roughly one every 15 days, about 8 in all

Evaluation: 30% homework, 35% midterm and 35% final


Course outline: Born-Oppenheimer approximation, second quantization for Fermions and Bosons. Effects of electron-electron interactions - Hartree ? Fock approximation, exchange and correlation effects, screening, dielectric function of electron systems, Random Phase approximation, plasma oscillations, Fermi liquid theory, elementary excitations, quasiparticles. The Hubbard model, spin-and charge-density wave states, metal-insulator transition, Mott insulators. Review of harmonic theory of lattice vibrations. Electron-phonon interaction - phonons in metals, mass renormalization, effective interaction between electrons, polarons. Superconductivity - phenomenology, Cooper instability, BCS theory, Ginzburg-Landau theory. Electrons in a magnetic field, Landau levels, integer quantum Hall effect, elementary introduction to the fractional quantum Hall effect.? Quantum spin Hall effect and topological insulators (time permitting).



Recommended textbooks:


1)      Advanced Solid State Physics by Ashcroft and Mermin

2)      Theoretical Solid State Physics vol. 1 by Jones and March

3)      Advanced Solid State Physics by Phillips

4)      Quantum Theory of Solids by Kittel

5)      Quantum Theory of the Electron Liquid by Giuliani and Vignale

6)      The Theory of Quantum Liquids by Pines and Nozieres

7)      Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism by Auerbach

8)      Many Particle Physics by Mahan



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