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Sriram Ramaswamy Group


>From left to right:

Tapan Chandra Adhyapak, K Vijay Kumar, Sumithra Sankararaman**, Saroj Kumar Nandi, Norio Kikuchi*, Sriram Ramaswamy, Suropriya Saha, Ananyo Maitra

**Now at Washington Univ, St Louis
*Now at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Past Group Members

>From left to right:

Sriram Ramaswamy, Vijay Narayan, Shradha Mishra, Moumita Das

PhDs from this group

  • Shradha Mishra Dynamics, order and fluctuations in active nematics: numerical and theoretical studies (2008). Now at the Dept of Physics, Syracuse University

  • Vijay Narayan Phase behaviour and dynamics of an agitated monolayer of granular rods (2008). Now at the Department of Physics, Cambridge University

  • Moumita Das (jointly with G Ananthakrishna) Ordering, stochasticity, and rheology in sheared and confined complex fluids (2005). Now at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

  • Ronojoy Adhikari Inclusions, defects, and flow-induced forces in surfactant mesophases (2004). Now at the Institue of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

  • R Aditi Simha Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics of Driven Interacting Particles: Self-propulsion, Sedimentation and Flux Flow (2003). Now at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  • Rangan Lahiri (d Feb 1998) Nonequilibrium steady states in driven diffusive systems: sheared colloids, noisy ratchets and sedimenting suspensions (1997).

  • Sujan Kumar Dhar (jointly with Rahul Pandit) Scaling and universality in driven systems: the sandpile model and the GOY shell model of turbulence (1997). Now at Connexios Life Sciences, Bangalore

  • A V Indrani (jointly with Chandan Dasgupta) Equilibrium and nonequilibrium dynamics of dense liquids(1995). Now at the Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab, McGill Univ, Montreal.

  • Yashodhan Hatwalne Phasons, topological defects, and dynamics in incommensurate matter (1993). Now at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

  • Yatin J Marathe (jointly with N Kumar) Dissipative dynamics of quantum and classical systems (1990)