Boltzmann Award (2004)

The Boltzmann award was instituted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commission on Statistical Physics to honour outstanding achievements in Statistical Physics. It is awarded during the STATPHYS meetings of the IUPAP.

The Boltzmann Award (2004) has been awarded to:

The Boltzmann Medal

Ezechiel Godert David Cohen (The Rockefeller University)

for his fundamental contributions to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, including the development of a theory of transport phenomena in dense gases, and the characterization of measures and fluctuations in nonequilibrium stationary states.

H. Eugene Stanley (Boston University)

for his influential contributions to several areas of statistical physics, including the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena in spin systems and the percolation problem, and the application of these ideas to interpret the anomalous properties of liquid water.

The award, which consists of a medal (the Boltzmann Medal), will be presented during STATPHYS 22.