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My story starts from Sep.09, 1987 (the day I was born in Bihar state of India). My father Shri Tulsi Narayan Prasad is an advocate and my mother Smt. Chanchal Devi is a teacher. I have two elder brothers Mahesh and Vishwa. My story is divided into five sections. Click one in which you are interested.

My Childhood                School life                Golden Period                2000-2002                I & IISc


My Hobbies:  Games: Chess, tennis, badminton & snooker. Listening to music and watching movies (mostly Bollywood). Reading books & Creative Writing.

My name:  My full name is Tathagat Avatar Tulsi. Tathagat is the adjective of Lord Buddha and Avatar means 'Incarnation'. Tulsi is name of my father which I got as surname. So, according to my name, I am incarnation of Lord Buddha!, do you believe it:).

Favorite Subject: You might be guessing that my favorite subject is physics. If yes, then you are wrong. It was my favorite subject when I wanted to know how things around me work. After knowing that, I want to know how things within me work, so my favorite subject is biology now. May be after studying biology, I will be interested in philosophy, when I will be eager to know how I (or my consciousness) am working, forget about things around and within me! But for now, I am enjoying my research in physics only.

Favorite Color: Red in most situations. Sometimes I like pink more than red. For some purposes I like other colors: sky blue (the colour of my website background) or green. I like yellow, only when I worship Lord Sun (as is done in Chatth Puja). Black & White, I never like except while playing chess! I like almost all the colors for my dress.

Favorite Living Creature: Snakes (particularly cobra). I am not joking. I like this dangerous creature too much. It's not that I am not afraid of it, but my favorite spot in zoo is snake-house. I like its company!

Favorite plant: Tulsi plant. In english, its called "Basil". You can easily guess the reason, Tulsi is my surname. In India, this plant is worshipped by lot of people.     

I will keep on adding some more interesting personal things about me as I will start remembering them.

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