Atomic & Optical Physics Lab
Prof. Vasant Natarajan
Department of Physics , Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore , India

Information for Summer Students

Apart from regular Ph.D. students, we have many summer students and interns who visit the lab and do short-term projects. Over the past years, summer students have worked on temperature controllers, lock-in amplifiers, interferometric wavemeter, Zeeman-tuned slower, diode laser systems, etc. If these kind of projects interest you and you would like to work here, please contact us. You can get support for your visit through the Indian Academy of Sciences summer fellowship programme or the JNCASR summer research fellowship programme. If you are a KVPY fellow, you are welcome to work here to complete your summer internship requirement.

Summer students have worked on the following in the recent past:

  1. Position detector for laser beams

  3. Optical tweezers

  5. Frequency synthesizer

  7. Computer simulation of coupled oscillators


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