Semiconductor Laboratory

Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Science

Current Members  (2009-2010):

         Prof. K.S.R. Koteswara Rao and his group  (Photoluminescence, DLTS, LPE)

         Chinkhanlun Guite, Research Scholar (Spin polarization of photoexcited carriers in semiconductors)

         Amit Kumar Majhi, Research Scholar (Microchannel electrophoresis with on-chip detection)

         Aditya Narayan Roy Choudhury, Research Scholar (Magneto-capacitance in Pulsed Magnets)

         Siddharth Khare, Research Scholar (Microfluidic devices for C. Elegans neurobiology studies)

         Swetha, Project Assistant (PDMS chip for micro-PCR)

         Samudyatha, Project Assistant (Electrowetting based droplet actuation)

Former students:

         S. Madhavi, (Hot carrier transport, experiments and modeling)   [Ph.D. , 2000]

         Subroto Mukerjee, (Ellipsometry and its applications) [M.S., 1998]

         Arpan Chakraborty, (C-V measurements, inversion layer mobility measurements in MOS, SOI and M/ZrO2/S structures) [M.S., 2001]

         Debjani Paul, (Microchip PCR) [Ph.D., 2004 ]

         Bhavtosh Bansal, (Pulsed magnet design and fabrication; Transport and Optical properties of InAsSb) [Ph.D., 2004]

         Nihal Arju (Electrical properties of thin bismuth films) [M.S., 2007]

         Sudip Mondal (Chip PCR with real time fluorescence detection) [Ph.D., 2008]

         Arjun Joshua (Photoreflectance, Spin polarized carriers in semiconductors) [Ph.D., 2009]

         O.V.S.N. Murthy (Pulsed magnets, electrical and optical characterization of HgCdTe) [Ph.D. 2009]